lucas maschik-vaz design.

Title  Die Psychologie sexueller Leidenschaft by David Schnarch
Category  Book cover, Illustration 
Year  2019

About  Cover for the German edition of David Schnarch's "Passionate Marriage. Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships".


Title  Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
Category  Book cover, Illustration
Year  2021

About  Linocut cover for Joseph Conrad’s 1899 novel. It was the source material for the film “Apocalypse Now” by Francis Ford Coppola. 

Title  Satan: His Psychotherapy and Cure by the unfortunate Dr. Kassler J.S.P.S. by Jeremy Leven
Category  Book cover, Illustration 
Year  2017

About  Jeremy Leven's 1982 novel is about a big computer sitting in a basement that believes itself to be the Devil. I made this cover in 2017 before I knew anything about graphic design, but just as a sketch on paper. I found it again and decided to brush it up and finalize it.

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