lucas maschik-vaz design.

Title  NeoGothica Display Font
Category  Poster, Type
Year  2019

About  Display typeface NeoGothica. Best used for outrageous, unusual and irreverent projects. My first and last typeface. It is by no means perfect, but it has character, as they say. 

Title  Losers.lab
Category  Poster, Logo
Year  2018

About  Losers Lab. A hybrid between logo and poster, functioning as both simultaneously.

It was a reaction to my university’s future lab, picking only the students with the best grades, measured in percentage, for real-life projects. 

Therefore Losers.lab has an exotic geometrical shape for its logo, a crossed-out percentage symbol. Its motto is to give everyone a chance.

Title  CNTRL Europe Gig Poster
Category  Poster, Illustration
Year  2020

About Poster for a CNTRL Europe gig at Flex, showing absurdist philiospher Albert Camus, questioning the necessity of meaning in a well-designed poster.

Title  A Streetcar Named Desire
Category  Poster
Year  2017

About  Two Posters for the Tennessee Williams play "A Streetcar named Desire".

One shows Stanley Kowalski's arm holding a pink bowling ball, the color pink symbolizes femininity and his oppression of Blanche and Stella. Exhibited at NDU Opening Day.  

The typographical poster shows scattered shards of glass, a result of Stanley throwing the radio tout of the window, the title is reflected in them.

Title  Tschichold Sabon Posters
Category  Poster
Year  2018

About  Poster designs for a project about font details of Sabon by Jan Tschichold who was responsible for the re-design of Penguin Books.