lucas maschik-vaz design.

Title  CNTRL Europe: Chronicle of an Unknown Band
Category  Book design, Logo, Illustration, Photgraphy
Year  2020

About  “CNTRL Europe: Chronicle of an Unknown Band” is the story of a fictional rock-band, active in the early 90’s underground music scene of Vienna, that mysteriously vanished, the retracing of their history, their music and where they are now.

The motivation was to tell the story of a band thorugh an entirely fictional world, that appears as though it were real. A “mockumentary” of sorts. The band’s history and life is explored through graphic design, the clubs they played at, their albums, and more.

Format: 260 x 260 mm (10.2 x 10.2 in). 138 pages.

Title  Untitled Tracks
Category  Book design, Artistbook
Year  2019

About  „Untitled Tracks“ is a limited edition “artistbook” with torn pages that are an abstract artwork of their own, featuring the poetry of Frank Stanford, being pieced together and falling apart again as the reader leafs through the book. The format is perfectly square,
30 x 30 cm like an LP cover, therefore the title “Untitled Tracks”.
Font used is Tschichold’s Sabon.

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